Shell story

In my offline life, unlike Minecraft, I never find useful stuff on the ground that I can pick up and keep for later. I sometimes pick up litter and very occasionally a 10p piece, but never gold, usable wood or red stone. For various reasons over the last few months I’ve been looking for a nice, […]

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Unexpected Deal

My morning scroll of the Facebook statuses: sweeping my fingers over the phone screen, scanning for keywords, or eyecatching images: panning for social media gold. The name caught my eye. He was a young author who’s books I’d read. He was a scholar and a YouTuber. At some point in his adult life, he’d crossed […]

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Go team or go rogue

It started with an email and ballooned into a complicated problem within one of the communities I belong to. It was a tense few days before it settled down. While we were trying to sort it all out, one of my mentors asked me to think about what my priorities were. My answer was almost […]

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