Community Spotlight : R-CADE

I’m a Scottish Gamer. I love Scotland and I love games. We are a creative country, we care lots about people and we love adventure. From open world games, to our journeys with pokemon, to cosplay, to role play and art…we love to express ourselves in amazing ways!

Scotland has always been an incredibly creative nation and you can see that in the artwork in this months community spotlight. This month’s community spotlight is R-Cade, a gaming cafe in Glasgow that opened in January. They describe themselves as such:

“We are a very small, independent family business who live and breathe R-CADE. We don’t just have a passion for gaming, we are also involved in the arts and crafts community. We hold craft workshops, art gallery exhibitions and constantly strive to promote and support local artists.” R-CADE highlight that they love Retro Gaming and Asian food and they wanted to create a place where both worlds “collide in perfect harmony.”

R-CADE have created some amazing retro gaming posters based around the map of Scotland. Take a look at them here:


All photos are copyrighted and R-CADE own all of the intellectual property!

You can back this project on Kickstarter here!

I love absolutely all of the posters! However, I have two favourites! My first one is the Super Mario Scotland Map, but that’s my bias as a lover of platform gaming! It takes me back to long days sitting in the park playing Super Mario Bros. I loved sitting looking out on the Loch and taking my games with me. This map makes me so nostalgic for the joys of 2D Mario Games.

The PokeMap Scotland is also a close second. The Scottish Pokemon is a great touch, I’d love to see a fight between the Nessie (The Loch Ness Monster) and Gyarados. The temper of Gyarados vs the hiding and dodging ability of Nessie would be one of a kind. This map also reminds me of the incredible Pokemon Go community across the city. But I’ll save my experience of that for another blog!

R-CADE also encourage and promote local artists by displaying their art on their walls. It’s a cafe that it clearly passionate about their community. They are open to all ages (Children under 10 must be supervised) and provide a host of Asian Snack options and drinks within the cafe.

From our experience the staff have been so friendly and they promote a community vibe in their cafe. We cannot wait to go more and get involved in more of their tournaments and events.

If you like what you can see I’d encourage you to support their Kickstarter campaign, go check them out on Facebook and Twitter, or head down to the Saltmarket and check them out :).

Until next time,

Penguin Scroller!

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