Discovering Patience through Super Meat Boy

Patience is defined as “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.” (Thanks Oxford!) That’s not exactly what comes to mind when I think of Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy is a platformer with incredibly difficult levels, where you respawn instantly every time you die . It relies on platforming skills, an eye for avoiding spikes and grime and the ability to try and try again. Safe to say it’s not a game made for those who have a tendency to rage-quit. Yet, here I am. Writing about how I got a bit more patient through playing Super Meat Boy.

The aim is simple, complete the levels. You play (at the beginning at least) as Super Meat Boy. A small red square, who can jump and scale walls, and who falls regularly. Think Spider-Man (Of the Tom Holland variety) without the webs, but with your own sassy commentary.

Super Meat Boy is a game of multiple worlds.. Each comes with their own challenges and bosses. But one thing doesn’t change, the effort it takes to survive! With every step forward, I would make one mistake and end up two steps backwards. The game is so unforgiving! One twitch of the thumb, and I was dead. Time to try again.

The level that really taught me how to be patient was Level 2 in The Hospital. I spent 45 minutes trying to beat Level 2. For a level that takes 15 seconds from start to finish when done perfectly. This was tough! Perfecting landings, getting close to the bottom and then dying, over and over. It’s almost like the game just didn’t want me to move on. At first, patience was not my strong point! I got frustrated, I got tired, and then gradually, I continued to push. I wanted to be better, I wanted defeat this level! I found myself laughing when I fell at the first hurdle, and gasping for breath at the end. But I did it!

I got to the end…and suddenly all of the previous Meat Boys appeared on the screen. It felt like hundreds. But my patience had paid off. I’d defeated it! Patience 1 – Rage Quit – 0. Now, to apply this skill to Board Games!

Until Next Time,

Penguin Scroller 🙂

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