Why judgement closes doors

I spend a lot of my time in different communities – rich/poor; Muslim/Christian; science/faith; old/young – and so I’m always wondering what makes us all different.   I think a community needs three key things, each of them built upon the previous idea. A community needs people or members. (That kinda goes without saying really!) The […]

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Geek pilgrimage

In my last blog post I wrote about the metaphorical musings inspired by watching (or reading) Lord of the Rings. It was while I was writing that piece that I started to wonder when, and why, my understanding of the stories had shifted from imaginative fiction to allegorical meditation? Thinking back, I realised that it […]

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Community Spotlight : R-CADE

I’m a Scottish Gamer. I love Scotland and I love games. We are a creative country, we care lots about people and we love adventure. From open world games, to our journeys with pokemon, to cosplay, to role play and art…we love to express ourselves in amazing ways! Scotland has always been an incredibly creative […]

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